Friday, 27 July 2012

So in the coming weeks, I have two 21st Birthday parties to attend which have themes requiring costumes. Originally, both parties were on the same night. One was a villainous theme; the other was a superhero theme. As you can imagine there isn't a lot of female characters who play both sides of the coin.
So I did what I do best, I made that shit up.

 I created a character for myself and labelled myself the sometimes good, sometimes bad Super...person. She basically had Super PMS.

For lack of a better name, I labelled this character

' The Time Traveller'

Why? you ask.
The bottom half of my costume will consist of my Purple Galaxy leggings from Blackmilk.
Galaxy made me think of stars.
Stars made me think of time.
A cool power to have would be to have the ability to time travel...hence the name.

I've decided what my alter ego's my character's outfit will look like but I have yet to work out what I'll be doing for makeup and hair.

Due to clashing dates and a wise choice to broaden the theme considering there might be a lot of folks who would
Inevitably double up on costumes.

oh the horror.

The Superhero theme was changed to TV/Movie characters and it was moved to the following weekend.
I for one cannot wear the same costume to two parties with some of the same guests attending.

So my second costume for the TV/Movie party will be..
*drum roll please*

Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch.
(Albeit a dark skinned/ dark hair version of her)

If you haven't seen the movie and you're not into fantasy, then you might not enjoy it.
If you like movies with any of the following:

-chicks who ultimately kick ass
-gun fights
-skimpy outfits

Then you might want to check it out.

Following pictures are for The Time Traveller and an itty bitty sneak peak of my next style shoot outfit.

In love with my Galaxy leggings.
Not sure whether to focus on the lips or the eyes for my Time Traveller costume.
Sneak peak of my outfit for the next style shoot, mixing denim and leather.
 Excited to get together with Eddie, Cathy and Monique again :)
*Insert happy seal clapping here*