Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Holiday Snaps

So it was exactly a week ago yesterday that I’ve been back from my trip and yet my body is still trying to adjust to the time difference. Yesterday, I checked the clock just before I finally fell asleep and it was 4 am!! I usually need to be out of bed by 6.30 am for work, as you can imagine I probably resembled a badly put together zombie extra. Eye lids at half-mast and only half a brain working, grunting and mumbling my way through my morning routine.


I was only away for 2 weeks with my close friend Monique but I had a lot of fun; although it was pretty hectic trying to fit in all that sightseeing in between our shopping escapades. We did miss out on a few key top tourist spots but I vowed to myself that I would get the chance to see it again when I revisit those places with the boyfriend.

Anyway I thought it was about time I put up a few snapshots, which are in no particular order, of the first part of our trip which was in London.


On the triple decker Knight Bus
Came back to the hotel room to find Fluffy the three headed dog on my bed thanks to the hotel cleaning staff.

Last Judgement leggings, Blackmilk
Purple Galaxy leggings, Blackmilk
This mini leather skirt is one of my favorite purchases from London.

 Deliciously bubbly!
Tastes like, what I would imagine to be, the distant cousin of creaming soda and the foam at the top is like a toffee and vanilla ice cream got together and had a foamy baby. It leaves a sweet tingling sensation on the tongue. It’s like magic in a cup.

Some pretty black lace and a sheer pj set.