Thursday, 18 July 2013

That ain't Cat Woman!

Playing on the train tracks in Fremantle during a cold and cloudy day.
I spent the day with some cool kids, walking around Freo and laughing at who knows what.

I've been hitting up the monochrome look a lot recently.
So, I mixed it up a bit and added some colour with this spiked cat beanie and a plaid dress shirt.
You know... for when it gets too cold that it isn't worth showing off my tee and exposing bare arms, but in the mean time I'm taking a cue from the 90's and keeping the shirt wrapped around my waist.

Ahhh... the 90's.
I wonder what our hip-hop industry would be like now if Biggie Smalls and Tupac were still alive and kicking.  

...annnd back to the topic on hand...

The dress shirt was stolen from my brother's wardrobe and has yet to be returned to him.
 I think he's worn it all of once.
 It's mine now.

Brandon, if you are reading this:
Cheers bro!

I popped into Generics last Saturday to grab the Fist of Fury gloves and had a little chat with the lovely Lisa Chau while browsing through an array of accessories. Unfortunately, they didn't have my gloves (yes, I mentally claimed them when I spotted them at the store opening party) in stock at the time but I did end up walking out with a new accessory.  
 I'm absolutely loving my new chunky necklace from Generics, it keeps the outfit on trend and adds a little bling. 

Pulling faces is a natural reaction when a camera is pointed at me

Wearing: Draped tee by Stylestalker, dress shirt stolen from my brother, Topshop wax jeans, Generics necklace, cat beanie similar at Sportsgirl  & thin rings from Lovisa.