Friday, 14 June 2013

The cat is out of the bag

Black on Black on leather.
Has there ever been a sweeter combination?

Probably, but today I know nothing sweeter.

Wearing my new ANIMAAL 13 tee by Daan.

As I grab the shirt off the rack for a closer inspection of the size and cut of the tee, a girl appears next to me out of the blue.

"Daan is the new label created by Daniel Single who is the co-founder of Subi! I love that shirt, I bought one as soon as they arrived!", I'm told by an enthusiastic shop assistant.

I smile at her and nod my head in agreement that yes, it was, in fact, a nice shirt.

But this big brand name that this designer is currently the co-found of is not one I’ve ever heard of.

I racked my brain trying to recall if I’ve ever read or heard someone mention the label Subi.
Surely, as a fashion blogger I must have heard of this apparently major label!


Nope! never heard of it.

As I walk to the change room to try this on, the lady takes one look at my shirt and smiles at me.

Yes, it seems she's a big fan of Subi too and is subsequently excited about this new venture so aptly named Daan.

It's a unisex shirt but I’m really digging it.

I head over to the counter to pay and I’m greeted by the guy behind the counter who also rattles off about the co-founder of this awesome Subi brand and how this new label is really awesome.

It's really great to see people so enthusiastic about an emerging brand but I’m still racking my brain about this brand Subi.

I get back to work and decide to look up Daniel Single.



I definitely know that brand. It just so happens that I’ve never heard anyone say the name out loud. I know the K is supposed to be silent but in my head when I say the name, I always imagine the K even if I don't pronounce it.

Photos by Eddie Teh & Sean Pham

Cat beanie: similar here, UNIF carnaby skirt, Animaal tee by Daan, and boots by Zu.