Thursday, 21 March 2013

Turning Twenty Two

I celebrated my 22nd birthday a few weeks ago with a few friends at a nightclub.

The alcohol was flowing, music pumping, and bodies shaking their thang.
It was a memorable night, that's for sure.

I partied the night away as if I was 18 again in this metallic knitted jumper and black slip from Kookai. I love the way it shines in the light, it gives a certain edge to what would otherwise be a basic jumper. For this outfit I kept the jewellery simple with my Tiffany & Co necklace and multiple silver rings, my Army Candy clutch and bright pink nails to add a touch of colour to an otherwise all black outfit.


Here is an example of how this outfit can be brought back with a simple change of footwear.
Oh how I love footwear. Perhaps, one day I shall post up my shoe collection. Then I'll finally be able to tell people that I do in fact own less than a hundred pairs of shoes and have the pictures to prove it. Oh how accusations run wild when dicussing the extensiveness of my shoerobe.
I can assure you though, it is not as extensive as I would like.

Knitted Jumper from Kookai, heels from Zu Shoes, Boots from French Connection, Clutch by Kate Spade, Necklace from Tiffany & Co, Rings from Lovisa and Amsterdam.