Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Part 1

So, earlier I posted that I was going to be attending two 21sts.
I wasn't able to attend the Villainous themed party due to a last minute change of  
venue and an issue with transport since we had a birthday fam-bam dinner earlier that same night too.

Anywhooooo, we were able to attend the second 21st which was a TV/Movie themed event.
I went as Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch.
It’s a twisted fantasy movie which you’d have to watch more than once, to truly enjoy, in my opinion.

I was able to load up a few pics but not all of them.
That will come in Part 2.
Why have I divided up these posts you ask?
Because I was in a rush to get as many pics uploaded as possible and I ran out of time :)

I had a lot of fun that night.
I danced, drank and caught up with friends.
I ended up duelling with Luke and accidentally snapped my sword- oops


Luke dressed up as Robin Hood

Leonarda the female Ninja Turtle

Jack the Rabbit- this was one of my fav costumes that night

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz dropped by the party too

Brandon going as himself because he’s made of awesome

An awesome gang of heroes and Pikachu