Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lash Architect 4D- L’ORÉAL Paris

Okay, so a few weeks ago I purchased the new Lash Architect 4D mascara and I’ve been dying to use it on a big night out. I had a party on Saturday night to go to and so came the time to try out the new mascara. I tested it before I started my makeup application to see what it was like and to make sure I could use it. The formula itself works great because it is designed to work after only a few strokes unlike some brands where you have to apply layers upon layers before you get the right look and even then it is a fine line between long thick gorgeous lashes and long thick spider legs. *shudder*

Generally, when I apply mascara i work it in three sections.

 There are the outer lashes, the middle section and the inner lashes. I apply the mascara in three light coatings to each sections making sure I move the wand according to the direction of the lashes in each section as I find this gives me better results. The angle of the wand and the brush itself is very convenient as it is a lot easier for me to reach the lashes on the outer corners of my top and bottom lashes without getting mascara on my face which is common with some of the other wands that I have used and it’s quite annoying.

 The mascara does wonders length wise and if you apply it correct it does coat individual lashes without getting clumpy (you really do have to take some time to put it on carefully otherwise it fails miserably) but unfortunately it doesn’t do much to increase volume which was quite disappointing. So I suggest that perhaps you also use a volumizing mascara of a different kind if you have one. The ad states that the mascara is supposed to have the false eyelash effect which I do not see working even after several attempts. It just looks weird.
Want my suggestion?
If you want the false eyelash effect, then invest in some false eyelashes cause having spider legs for eyelashes will certainly get you some attention… just not the right kind.
Once again, I shudder at that thought.
So basically, what I’m trying to say is that the mascara works for me.
Yes, it does not do exactly what it says it’s is supposed to but mascara ads are notoriously deceiving.